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One of the many benefits to being a member of Hacker Dojo is the ability to check devices out of our Mobile Device Lab. It's expanded from just phones to include a few other goodies.


Here is a list of what we currently have available.


BlackBerry Devices

  • BlackBerry PlayBook


LG Devices

  • Gelato phone
  • Gelato Q phone
  • MyTouch phone
  • Optimus Black phone
  • Optimus EX phone
  • Optimus Hub phone
  • Optimus Net NFC


Samsung Devices

  • Galaxy Tab 10.1v
  • Google Nexus phone
  • Focus phone
  • Tizen Lunchbox T20


Windows Devices

  • HtC Mazaa Windows Phone 7
  • Phone Dev Kits
    • Nokia Lumia  920.1
    • Nokia Lumia 820.1
    • Nokia Lumia 620.1