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Misery Loves Charity Marathon 

Trolling for hilarity and charity!


You have the power to troll our volunteers! For your entertainment, you can make volunteers play broken video games, dare them to eat funny foods, dance, sing, shout and otherwise entertain you! The entire event will be livestreamed so that you may witness the suffering of our volunteers. Check out our challenges (DDR pads on the wrong game, QWOP in Dvorak, eat a tablespoon of cinnamon) or submit your own!


Watch live video from DownwardViral on www.twitch.tv


When: Friday, November 29th-Sunday, December 1st (right after Thanksgiving) starting at 10AM!

Where: Hacker Dojo, and online at http://twitch.tv/downwardviral


Donate to Start the Misery!



What can you make people do?


$5.00Random volunteer flips upside down
$10.00You choose person to do 5 push-ups
$20.00Volunteer plays a game blindfolded while being directed by another volunteer
$20.00Volunteer plays Super Hexagon after spinning around in place a number of times
$40.00Katy will play QWOP for 10 meters or 1 hour, whichever happens first
$40.00Katy will attempt to make a paper hat to your specifications (warning, drunk hats are not terribly realistic)
$40.00Player has to spend the next hour playing while balancing a book on his/her head
$40.00Tom plays Ghosts & Goblins while narrating it as if it were an historical documentary
$50.00Game of donor's choice, played only on DDR pads
$50.00QWOP games on Dvorak!
$50.00Human must emulate what characters do in the game
$50.00Caramal Dance https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=J_DV9b0x7v4
$55.00QWOP / CLOP on DDR pads!
$75.00Dramatic reading of My Little Pony Episode of your choice
$80.00Super Hexagon while walking back and forth on a balance beam
$80.00GRUP GIRP!  4 people play GIRP or CLOP (one person per limb) while singing Bohemian Rhapsody (until song over or GIRP done)
$80.00Mike will play all of Parappa the Rapper while rapping every part
$100.00Volunteer must speak in rhyme only for an hour
$100.00Mike will attempt to learn Dwarf Fortress controls while inebriated
$200.00Ghostbusters for 3 hours or to completion, whichever comes first
$300.00Volunteer plays Slender on Oculus Rift with noise-canceling headphones, proceeds to freak out on cam
$400.00One hour of generating the fibbinocci sequence without mechanical aid
$500.00Volunteer will direct a blindfolded volunteer to beat SMB1 (1 hr time limit)
$500.00volunteer eat a tablespoon of flour
$500.00Habanero filled with 151
$500.00Katy will attempt to eat a teaspoon of cinnamon
$500.00Tom beats I Wanna Be The Guy (5 hr time limit)
$1,000.00Subject a volunteer of your choice to 1 hour of Nyan cat on headphones
$5,000.00Two volunteers will 100% beat, notate and post to gamefaqs a complete guide for a Dora the Explorer Saves the Crystal Kingdom for Nintendo Wii, including audio transcripts


How can you help?

This sheet will let you

  • Sign up to play in shifts
  • Sign up to feed shifts of players
  • Make challenges (both individual and team unlock)

You can also

  • Donate!
  • Share the event on Twitter, Facebook, or wherever!



Can my company sign up for a shift because they love Hacker Dojo?

Very yes. We really need graveyard shift volunteers.


I want to donate a prize. How do I do that?

We love digital prizes best, but coordinate with sponsorships@hackerdojo.com


Will we be drinking to soothe the pain?

Very yes


Can I just bring you my thanksgiving leftovers to feed volunteers?

Very yes


Featured Games (final list pending):


Air Fortress for NES

Atom Smasher Zombie

Back to the Future II/III for the NES


Contra (arcade version)


Demon Souls

Don't Starve

Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde for NES

Dragon's Lair for NES

Dwarf Fortress

ET on the Atari 2600

F-Zero GX (story mode)

Ghostbusters for the NES


Hotline Miami

I Wanna Be the Guy

Jet Set Willy

Kazio Mario World (a stupidly unfair rom hack)

Legend of Dungeon

Milon's Secret Castle

Papers, Please

Super Hexagon

Super Mario Brothers, the Lost Levels (released in Japan as Super Mario Brothers 2)

Superman 64

Sword of Stars 2

Terminator 2 for the NES


The Immortal

The Impossible Game

TMNT for the NES (first one)

Total Recall

Touhou Series


  • Horse variant: CLOP
  • Climbing variant GIRP

Volgarr the Viking

Zelda II


We'll make them unfair

Alien Swarm (hardest difficulty)

Dark Souls

Doom II on Nightmare

Dungeons of Dredmor

FTL: Faster Than Light (hardest option set)


Magicka (difficult arenas mode or "one of the players is a jerk" mode)

Rogue Legacy (if we can find a version somebody's beaten so the difficulty is turned up)


Super Meat Boy

The Binding of Issac

XCOM: Enemy Unknown


Other toys (ideas welcome):

Aaron is hoping to set up a Minecraft server with hardcore options and mod. A $5 donation to Hacker Dojo gets you a character, old characters are banned on death.


Thank You To:

  • Indie Games for Good, for loaning us their setup
  • Downward Viral, for providing the stream and promotion
  • ImRaising, for a lot of time and effort marathon software just how we needed it