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Our Maker Space Initiative exists to provide tools for our community members to create anything we can imagine. This is a space where you can fabricate physical objects, have fun experimenting, and build out hardware projects for your startup.


Hacker Dojo is a well known Silicon Valley hub for cutting edge science and technology events. We operate as a non-profit innovation center that hosts classes and conferences on everything from robots to 3D printers to unreleased virtual reality hardware. 


Our maker space becomes what the community wants to share and teach, learn and build. Hacker Dojo welcomes you to come join us and make something cool today!



On Site Tools


                  • Makerbot 3D Printer
                  • Printrbot 3D Printer 
                  • Laser Cutter 
                  • Oscilloscope 
                  • Hot Air Station
                  • Soldering Station 
                  • Vinyle Cutter
                  • Power Supply
                  • Reflow Oven
                  • Resisters, Led's, Components
                  • Band Saw
                  • Drill Press
                  • Various power tools and hand tools for the maker in you! 





    Past Dojo Projects


                    • QR Code vending machine 
                    • Automated check in kiosks 
                    • Pebble Watch prototype
                    • iPhone6 case for FLIRone thermal camera
                    • Burning man self recycling shower system
                    • Ripboard clone 1.0, 2.0, 3.0
                    • Custom connectors for PCBs
                    • Laser cut wood artworks 
                    • Self-navigating robots 
                    • Raspberry Pi powered devices 
                    • Repair of everything from bicycles to hoverboards! 






    Sponsors & Grants


    We are happy to announce that Hacker Dojo is able to purchase a new laser cutter with the help of a grant from Sparkfactor.org!


    We give a big heartfelt thanks to Sparkfactor for making it possible to provide our community with modern manufacturing tools.


    New additions to our manufacturing tools are the Taz 6 3D printer and 5 spools of filament donated by Lulzbot. 


    We will be able to support more makers and give 3D printing classes. Thanks to Aleph Objects Inc. for making it happen.


    If you have equipment to donate, or would like to sponsor our community's maker space, please contact us at info@hackerdojo.com.



    Thank you for your support!!!





    Sparkfactor.org is the nonprofit division of Sparkfactor Design. In keeping with our Maker roots, our programs center around technological and philanthropic innovation and STEM Education for underprivileged communities.




    LulzBot is a product line of Aleph Objects, Inc., a Free Software, Libre Innovation, and Open Source Hardware company.