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How to Get Reimbursed via Expensify


Expensify is how Hacker Dojo repays members for purchases made for the Dojo (usually done through the government@ process.) It's fairly easy to use; just follow these steps:


  1. If you are not already on the Expensify account, email treasurer@hackerdojo.com and ask to be added.
  2. Fill out a new report by clicking on the “new report” icon.
  3. If you have an emailed receipt, forward it to receipts @expensify.com from the address your Expensify account is associated with. It will then be uploaded online.
  4. Under your “new report” you will then want to click “add expenses”.
  5. In the “add expenses”, click “new expense”. Continue by filling out all the information asked for-- additional commentary is optional. You will also be prompted to add a receipt at this step. This is where you will attach the receipt you have already uploaded.
  6. Submit your report!

If you already have an account on Expensify, you can skip doing this final step. If not, keep reading and do the following because this is how money is put in your account.

  1. Take a picture of a personal voided check. Make sure that the following is legible: your name and address, routing number, and account number.
  2. Email it to “voidedcheck@expensify.com”
  3. Within 24 hours, you’ll get an email saying that your account has been added.
  4. Then the person who is reimbursing it just needs to click “reimburse”. It doesn’t hurt to poke treasurer@hackerdojo.com to do this final step once you have completed this.