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Hosting an Event at Hacker Dojo

Hosting an event at the Dojo is both relatively straightforward and a pretty awesome perk of membership. We really love having a wide variety of events here, so if you think your idea for one is a little offbeat, don't worry! Even though the majority of events and classes are more tech focused, don't let that stop you from hosting a book club, juggling class, or bird enthusiast meeting. The great thing about only allowing members to host events is that means all events reflect members' interests.


Putting an Event into the System

  • Before submitting an event, please be aware of the event policies. If your event does not comply with any of them, it runs the risk of being denied.
  • Make sure you put in your event submittable with at least 48 hours lead time. This gives the group of your fellow members processing time in case there are any conflicts, and keeps everyone happy.


Before the Event

While it's policy that Dojo members came be in a room and attending your event, you can absolutely ask them to "Stand up, please! I need to set up for my event!" You should absolutely make sure that you have a set up time in the system to do this though (or have it included in your event time.) While most folks are more than happy to relocate and be cooperative for you, if it's not during designated hours they are completely entitled to stay put.


It's also important to come in and make sure that the tech you need to run the event (namely, a projector) is cooperating with you well ahead of time. This is your responsibility, and while occasionally Hacker Dojo employees or members are around that can assist you, they are not obligated to do so.


After the Event

Two words: Clean. Up.


Pick up all trash caused by your event. Pretend you're at a State Park- leave it cleaner than when you got there. This also includes tidying up. A lot of rooms now have preferred layouts that we would appreciate you returning the room to when your event is complete. If there is more trash generated by your event than reasonably fits into our dumpster and recycle, please haul it away; do not leave it outside. (We have raccoons.)


If you are in a fixed layout room, please return it to the preferred arrangement of tables and chairs.


Failure to leave the room neat and tidy runs you the risk of your next event not getting approved.



Please see the Events FAQ page for frequently asked questions.