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Whether you're a member or a friend, there are many ways you can be involved in the Hacker Dojo community.


Regular Members-Only Events         

  • Member Dinner: Usually every second Wednesday of the month starting at 7pm in the Large Event Room. Check the Events calendar for each month though. Please note that this event is for Hacker Dojo members only. No advance registration is required – just show up and have fun.
  • Member Meeting: State of the Dojo. Every second Wednesday of the month immediately following Member Dinner in the LER.


Community Events

  • Happy Hour: Every Friday at 7pm. 
  • For a full list of Hacker Dojo events, please see our events calendar.


Happy Hour

Every Friday starting at 7pm Hacker Dojo hosts a Happy Hour. All are welcome and encouraged to attend! If you are already a member this is a great time to get to know your fellow co-workers, or if you're just interested in stopping by then Happy Hour is a fantastic way to get a feel for the community. BYOB, bring some food, or bring a few bucks for the box.


State of the Dojo Meetings

This meeting is held every second Wednesday of the month starting at 7:30pm, after the Member Dinner. The State of the Dojo meeting includes slides covering operations updates, house announcements, and more.



  • Long Term Items: There are a number of supplies that are always welcome to be dropped off during the hours of 8am until 10pm. If you cannot find someone to help you find where they go, please just leave them on the front desk with a note stating they are a donation. If you'd like, include your contact information- we would like to thank everyone who contributes to our space.
    • duct tape, scotch tape, gaff tape, blue painting tape
    • copy paper (white, 8.5"x11")
    • clorox™ wipes, swiffer™ dusters
    • dry erase markers, pens and pencils
    • toilet paper 
    • food & beverage
    • Tiffany lamps (gently used is fine) -- floor and desk
    • See more listed at the donations page on the wiki.
  • Short Term Items: With the recent expansion, we are in need of a number of large items. Please check with operations@hackerdojo.com before bringing anything in to ensure someone will be in to help facilitate dropping items off.
    • drafting tables in working condition (gently used is fine)
    • easels in working condition (gently used is fine)
    • picnic tables (gently used is fine) 
    • See more listed at the donations page on the wiki.  



There are many projects and ways you can help sponsor Hacker Dojo. We've recently opened a Mobile Lab and are looking for donations of new phones and chargers that go with them. If you represent a Bay Area corporation looking to extend your brand or hire engineers, please get in touch to discuss sponsorship packages. For information about sponsoring City code improvements, please read more about becoming an official sponsor of Hacker Dojo here.



Hacker Dojo runs almost completely due to the awesomeness of volunteers just like you! If you want to volunteer to help the Dojo, please email iwanttohelp@hackerdojo.com Please mention if:

  • You are comfortable with Python on GAE
  • You have the capacity to swing a hammer, wield a power drill and do light construction work in a team, or the willingness to learn
  • You will help us paint the walls, or you're willing to learn
  • You have a background in professional writing, either grant or corporate communications
  • You have access to a pickup truck and are willing to help the Dojo haul stuff. We especially need people with ID stating they live in Mountain View or Sunnyvale so they can bring things to the recycling centers.
  • You are a lawyer, architect, electrician, CPA, or other certified professional and willing to lend those skills (even in an advisory role)
  • You have an interest in design/media/marketing work
  • You have another awesome skill you think the Dojo could use!



Most of the Dojo's internal systems, from the keys and locks to the events registration system, are open-source projects made from loving contributors. If you want to contribute, talk to us on iwanttohelp@hackerdojo.com or pull a fork of https://github.com/hackerdojo to fix a bug.