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    Every year, we like to take a moment to thank the donors who have gone above and beyond with their donation to Hacker Dojo. How do we define that? If a donor has done one of the following:


    • Donating $1024 or more and be a member for that whole year (This may be tax deductible).
    • Donating $2224 or more while not being a member of Hacker Dojo (This may be tax deductible).
    • Opting to pre-pay Dojo membership for 5 years up-front for 5K


    These donors will be invited to an end of the year thank you party, and at the beginning of the next year we will add a new plaque to the lobby wall with their names alongside the founding member's plaque and previous years' donor plaques to remember their commitment to keeping this place awesome.


    10Bit Donors for 2015

    Irene Skupniewicz Smith

    Ghufran Syed

    2014 Donors  |  2013 Donors  |  2012 Donors


    If your contributions have passed these thresholds this year and your name is not on here, you are interested in prepaying your membership, or if your name is not spelled the way you would like it spelled, write to sponsorships@hackerdojo.com.


    Yes, we are a 501(c)(3)! Our EIN is 26-4812213. Your gift is tax deductible to the full extent provided by law, less the fair market value of any substantial gifts chosen at the time of your donation. Remember, many employers match charitable gifts. Ask your employer if they will double your contribution!