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Individuals are welcome to come visit Hacker Dojo during our open hours of 8am to 10pm. If available, Staff are more than happy to give you a tour of the facilities, explain how the Dojo works, and answer any questions about the Dojo you might have. (Feel free to bring your laptop and stay for the day!)


Small Groups (7 or less)

Small groups are encouraged to write in to info@hackerdojo.com to schedule a tour, or, just drop by during open hours if you want to try your luck.


Large Groups (8 to 30 people)

Hacker Dojo welcomes your tour group! To help offset staff costs, we ask $20 per head. Please contact info@hackerdojo.com to schedule a tour.  We can show the facilities, explain the history of Hacker Dojo, open up a Q&A about startup life in Silicon Valley, etc.