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Are you getting SPAM from recruiters?


Send that spam to us!


The Hacker Dojo frequently works with companies serious about hiring talent, and this is a major part of how we do fundraising!



Help the Dojo by forwarding well-intentioned recruiters!


Step 1

Add sponsorships@hackerdojo.com to the email thread.

                   For a more personal touch, add katy@

Step 2

Explain what's up with a little note. You can cut and paste ours if you like!




I'm pretty happy with my current employment, but you should check out Hacker Dojo, a community center for talented developers in Mountain View California. They're looking to connect companies who want to hire top talent through an innovative sponsorship system. You can see what they're up to at


I'm adding Katy to this thread, and if you have any questions, you should follow up with her. Thanks!

Step 3

Feel awesome about helping a community you love!

                   From all of us at Hacker Dojo, thank you for your spam!