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When to email government@

  1. To propose a purchase using the discretionary budget.
  2. When creating a PBW policy. A draft needs to be sent to the mailing list at least two weeks before the meeting date. (More on this below.)
  3. You're concerned a policy might be being broken.


Why you'd be part of the government@ mailing list

  1. To vote on purchase proposals.
  2. To discuss policy proposals
  3. To discuss current policies, their enforcement, etc.


How to join government@

It's easy to join the group. Go to the government@ Google group and join. (Tip: make sure you do this through your @hackerdojo.com email.) Or just go directly.


Discretionary budget and purchase proposals: How do they work?

Each month, Hacker Dojo sets aside $500 for the membership to use as we see fit. Some important notes about the budget are:

  • It is capped at $3,500.00.
  • It is to be used on non-business essential items. So, a proposal to buy things like toner, staples, or toilet paper will just be re-directed to operations@.
  • It can absolutely be used for something silly and non-essential, like renting a bouncy castle for Happy Hour. It can also be used for something more practical and useful to enhance member experience, like a drill press.

Proposing a purchase on government@

  • Proposing a purchase on government@ is incredibly simple. The easiest way to explain it is through an example though, so let's say Dojo member Dinah thinks that what the place could really use is a rug for an office, because it'll really tie the room together.
  • Her first step would be to do some research; find out what rug would work best, and how much it will cost which includes shipping and tax. If she's trying to narrow it down between a few options, emailing discussions@ with them is a good idea. Then she can get member input about which one to propose to government.
  • Once that has been decided, Dinah should create a Purchase Proposal. She'll want to fill out all the fields and make sure everything is accurate. Once that's done, she'll hit the "Propose Purchase" button, and it will be send out to government@.
  • Voting will then be open for 48 hours. The voting robot will email the group on a new thread with the results at the end of this time box.
  • If it gets more +1's than -1's, it's approved!
  • Dinah will need to go ahead and purchase it, set it up, and make sure it gets added to the ledger. Either by doing it herself, or asking someone else to.
  • It will be up to Dinah to make sure she gets reimbursed if she needs to use her money to buy the item.


Pro-tip: Hacker Dojo has an Amazon Prime account, which = free shipping. If you are able to find something that's Prime eligible, that means shipping doesn't need to be paid for, and a Hacker Dojo employee can do the actual purchasing for you if you ask nicely :). Then you don't need to worry about getting reimbursed!



The purpose of the policy proposal meeting is to set policy within Hacker Dojo.  The aim is to provide a clear and understandable way for Hacker Dojo members to make changes within the organization.


Schedule: second Wednesday of every month at 7:30PM in the Large Event Room. See the events calendar if you're not certain when the next one is.
Open to: All current Hacker Dojo members
Summary: In short, policy changes are made by simple majority of those present at PBW meetings.


Any sort of policy may be changed, but the specific details of the proposal must be decided ahead of time per the following process.  The point of the meeting is to briefly summarize the proposal and vote on it as written in the locked agenda. The PBW meeting is not a brainstorming session or problem-solving meeting, and proposals may not be modified within the PBW meeting before voting.


Please visit the page on the wiki for the full description of how PBW works, as well as example policies. The more familiar you become with the process, the more likely you are to have a positive experience with it.