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Member-Run Administrative Lists

Most things at Hacker Dojo are run by member volunteers. You can reach them at these lists

Eventsevents@The team that runs events (meetups, classes, hackathons etc). Please read Events FAQ before contacting events@
Governmentgovernment@hackerdojo.comMember run group that "runs the show" with the power to spend money and enforce policy.
Internetinternet@hackerdojo.comTeam that keeps the internet working.
Librarylibrary@hackerdojo.comLibrary team.
Operationsoperations@hackerdojo.comTeam responsible for the physical facilities.  Please report building issues here or if we are out of coffee etc
Makerbotmakerbot@hackerdojo.comTeam that trains people how to use the makerbot (and sometimes other tools we have)
Marketingmarketing@hackerdojo.comThey make fliers and business cards and keep twitter up to date
Vendingvending@hackerdojo.comRuns the vending machines. Ping here if they are out of soda

NOTE: Any member interested can and should join these teams if they want to help run a certain part of the Dojo.


Appointed Administrative List

These lists you need permission/training to join, but run various functions at the Dojo

Informationinfo@hackerdojo.comInformation about the Dojo.  Good default if you don't know who to email.
I Want To Helpiwanttohelp@hackerdojo.comWant to volunteer but don't know what teams need folks? Email here
Password Resetpasswordreset@hackerdojo.comIf you forget your password to your Hacker Dojo account .
Team in charge of paying expenses, accepting payments etc.  Handles membership subscription issues.
Internetinternet@hackerdojo.comTeam in charge of making the internet work at Hacker Dojo
Email if you are interested in sponsoring the Dojo or an event. 
Hacker Dojo's Board of Directors. (Important Legal & high-level issues only, please)
DeviceLabdevicelab@hackerdojo.comThe people who run our mobile device lab


Member Only Lists

These lists can only be written to or read by members

Announcementsannouncements@hackerdojo.comMembers-only moderated announcement list
Members-only opt-in discussion mailing list
Hackerspacehackerspace@hackerdojo.comPeople interested in hackerspace-ish activities including socializing and construction of the impractical for the lulz
Stupidstupid@hackerdojo.comFunny links, LOLCats, and important unimportant things
Makersmakers@hackerdojo.comPeople who make things, normally physical objects, not always tech things
Free Foodfood@hackerdojo.comThis mailing list alerts people when there is free food in the Dojo

NOTE: Any member may create mailing lists on our domain; see the full up-to-date list on our groups directory.


Public Lists

We welcome the internet onto these lists, even if you aren't a member!

General Public List
Web version at http://groups.google.com/group/hackerdojo
SWATswat@hackerdojo.comGroup of volunteers who like to paint together, fix things, improve the Dojo. Join if you want to help!
Grantsgrants@hackerdojo.comGroup of volunteers who write grants to get Hacker Dojo money!
You can't live at the Dojo, so find a nerdy roommate here
Internal-devinternal-dev@hackerdojo.comThey make all the open-sourced code that runs the dojo apps, logins, sites, systems.  Please join if you know Python!
LAN-Partylan-party@hackerdojo.comIn your base killing your dudes, also planning your LAN parties
Juggling Clubjesters-juggling@googlegroups.comJuggling, poi, and slacklining club
Jobsjobs@hackerdojo.comWhere you post job listings


Internet Write Only, Member Read/Write Lists

Epic Junkepicjunk@hackerdojo.comAre you giving away epic junk? Post it to this list. Happy members will help give it a home!


Public Feeds

Events Calendar


Official events listing at Hacker Dojo 
Twitterwww.twitter.com/hackerdojoTwitter feeds throughout the day.  Mention #hackerdojo for good karma. 
Facebookhttp://www.facebook.com/hackerdojoOur Facebook Page
Flickrhttp://www.flickr.com/photos/tags/hackerdojo/Flicker photos. There are also YouTube Videos in the usual search.
IRC (Internet Relay Chat)irc://irc.freenode.net/#hackerdojoHackerDojo is on IRC.
YouTubehttp://www.youtube.com/thehackerdojoThe Hacker Dojo Channel


Emergency Contact

In an emergency, please call (650) 694-9072 and choose option "4".  Please also report the issue to operations@hackerdojo.com.  Please call 911 if the police or fire department should be involved.  All members are authorized to kick out disruptive guests and officially speak with police.