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Hacker Dojo allows guests from 8AM to 10PM depending on member presence, and is open 24/7 to members.

Who We Are

Hacker Dojo is a community of members who share a common love of creating wonderful things and understanding how the world works.  You don't need to be a programmer to use/enjoy the space. The Hacker Dojo is a do-ocracy run by members, including several self organizing teams like events, government, and operations.


What We Are

Hacker Dojo is a community center in Mountain View which is about 1/3rd coworking space, 1/3rd events venue, and 1/3rd a big social living room.  In the spirit of SuperHappyDevHouse, we're creating a physical community space for hackers and thinkers on the Peninsula in the San Francisco Bay Area. This is a location for events, lectures, parties, BarCamps, DevHouses, LAN parties, hackathons, knitting circles, tinkering, brainstorming, coworking, and more. We welcome visitors to many of our lectures and classes, and invite people to use the space on a drop-in basis.  The Dojo is a community space first and foremost - this means that the focus of the layout and activities is to lend itself to be a useful place to throw classes, host parties, brainstorm, and hang out. Learn more about our Mission.



Stop by and use our 100 megabit bidirectional Fiber Internet for free, help yourself to coffee in the kitchen, enjoy outdoor seating & grilling, an electronics lab, relax in the library, use small and large office spaces throughout the facility (all first-come first-served), utilize large event space, borrow a phone from our mobile device lab to test on, a gaming lounge, a pool table and social space, and more!