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Hacker Dojo has moved to 3350 Thomas Road, Santa Clara

Hacker Dojo has found a new home, a couple exits from our old location. 


Current Status

  • We've moved.  The old location is currently closed.

  • Hosting an event?  Check out events.hackerdojo.com


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Q: What is the Internet situation like?
A: We are moving our high-quality Fiber connection to the new building.  (This will take another month or two, so in the meantime we'll have a 20Mbps wireless link provided by Etheric Networks.)

Q: Will we be able to hold large events upon move in?
A: Yes! Please see events.hackerdojo.com

Q: What can I do to help with moving?
A: Join the mailing list swat@hackerdojo.com at https://groups.google.com/a/hackerdojo.com/forum/#!forum/swat. We will be mailing this list with days when we will be painting, loading trucks with things for moving, and doing construction.  iWantToHelp@hackerdojo.com.

Q: What is the last day Hacker Dojo at 599 be open?
A: The old location has already been closed.

Q: How does the City feel about this?
A: The city is very supportive of the move. We are in the process of going through inspections and obtaining the proper permits. 

Q: What will happen to 140A-D?
A: We will be subletting it. More information on subleasing here. Interested parties should contact sublease@hackerdojo.com

Q: How will rooms be named in the new building?
A: We’ll probably do some sort of general poll for names, (and naming conventions/themes) and then an online vote. Rooms will not be named after living members, founders, donors or sponsors.

Q: Can we bring in pets to the new building?


Q: Is the art coming with us?

A: "More Cowbell" is coming. Bruce Lee will stay. The Kickstarter mural will be put up in the new space.


Q: What is the maximum occupancy for this building?

A: Estimated 327, though not all events will be able to get to this size.  The large event room can hold 70.