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Hacker Dojo has moved to 599 Fairchild Dr.

Hacker Dojo has found a new home, just 5 minutes away from our old location.  The new building is bigger, better, and we're very excited to open this new chapter of Dojo history.  We are making our existing spaces available for lease.


Current Status

  • We've moved.  The old location is currently closed.

  • Hosting an event?  See the list of the new event rooms.



Exciting Details on 599 Fairchild Dr.


  • 16,600 square feet (27% larger than 140A-D)
  • Dedicated break room (with a sink!)
  • Specialty's Cafe (sandwiches and other tasty food) and Peet's Coffee within 476 feet / 2 minutes walking
  • Directly off Highway 101 from the Ellis St. exit
  • Fire sprinklers throughout the entire building, ADA bathrooms, and everything to code 
  • Two parking lots of our own - not shared with any neighbors
  • Large amounts of power outlets, both in wall and dropped from the ceiling, throughout the entire space
  • Natural sunlight in many work areas
  • Warehouse area mixed with many nice office spaces, some quite large
  • Swanky front reception area
  • Back patio area good for grilling
  • NASA Lightrail 0.3 miles / 7 minute walk from the building


Join the Dojo and Share the Excitement


Hacker Dojo is a 501(c)(3) non-profit.  We're a community of members that build exciting things, educate each other and work together to build something great.


Hacker Dojo is supported by people like you.  Please consider joining as a member for $100/month.  Join now.




Q: What is the Internet situation like?
A: We are moving our high-quality Fiber connection to the new building.  (This will take another month or two, so in the meantime we'll have a 20Mbps wireless link provided by Etheric Networks.)

Q: Will we be able to hold large events upon move in?
A: Yes! Please see EventsAtNewDojo

Q: What can I do to help with moving?
A: Join the mailing list swat@hackerdojo.com at https://groups.google.com/a/hackerdojo.com/forum/#!forum/swat. We will be mailing this list with days when we will be painting, loading trucks with things for moving, and doing construction. Marie (marie.knox@hackerdojo.com) will be doing the move logistics, so feel free to get in touch with her directly as well. We do not know the exact dates for this yet. We also have 30 days to find problems with the building. If you'd like to lend a hand with that, join SWAT@ and then email iWantToHelp@hackerdojo.com.

Q: What is the last day Hacker Dojo at Whisman be open?
A: The old location has already been closed.

Q: How does the City feel about this?
A: The city is very supportive of the move. We have passed all inspections and obtained proper permits. 

Q: What will happen to 140A-D?
A: We will be subletting it. More information on subleasing here. Interested parties should contact sublease@hackerdojo.com

Q: How will rooms be named in the new building?
A: We’ll probably do some sort of general poll for names, (and naming conventions/themes) and then an online vote. Rooms will not be named after living members, founders, donors or sponsors.

Q: Can we bring in pets to the new building?


Q: Is the art coming with us?

A: "More Cowbell" is coming. Bruce Lee will stay. The Kickstarter mural will be put up in the new space.


Q: What is the maximum occupancy for this building?

A: Estimated 327, though not all events will be able to get to this size.  The large event room can hold 98.


Media Contact:  Katy Levinson, Director of Development <katy@hackerdojo.com>